We offer seminar events for both private individuals and entrepreneurs as well as to organizations and training institutions (e.g. FORUM Institute für Management Beratung). We guarantee to develop a comprehensive, yet practical concept wtih added value for the client.

Topics from the current range of issues in insurance agency law:

  • Recognition of stock transfers for calculation of compensation
    The gross difference method is a common and significant calculation error in the calculation of compensation according to the agreed principles "Sach" for the compensation of property insurances.
  • Separation of an insurance company from individual business units
  • Claims of the exclusive agent should an insurance company cease doing business
  • Typical conflict situations of exclusivity representation
  • The insurance agent as an exclusive agent
    Legal principles; definition and impact of EU Insurance Mediation Directive and future prospects; Typical problems of professional practice in light of the Insurance Mediation Directive and the Insurance Contract Act
  • Termination of the exclusivity agreement
    Typical conflict situations and practical solutions to problems in light of recent case law
  • Recovery of commission advance payments and payment for contract termination of an agency agreement
  • Commission claim by insurer
  • Scope of permissible use of customer data and records upon termination of an insurance agency contract
    Strategies to avoid limiting post-contract competition in light of recent case law
  • The path out of danger - criminal procedural strategies for insurance agents
  • The compensation claim of exclusive representative
  • Commission recovery by insurers, requirements of § 87a III HGB. Jurisprudence and tactical approach
  • Legal commission liability period for life insurance acc. § 80 VAG V
  • Society of the Agency. Successful design of an agency in the insurance field
  • Legislative basis and legal norms for the exclusive agents
  • Compensation agreements between tied agents and insurance customers
  • Life Insurance Reform Law
  • Implementation of the Code of GDV for distribution by insurance agents

Other topic from the current programme:

  • Debtor management
    For medium to large businesses. Modern and effective claims management. Workflow organisation, strategy and enforcement.
  • Marriage contracts and divorce agreements
  • Driving licence - licence suspensions and Flensburg
    Legal framework and sanctions in road traffic, annotations on the licence, risks of losing one's driving licence in misdemeanour cases, fines, driving suspensions, driving licence and alcohol, Flensburg Central Register, points reduction, driving permission in other EU states
  • Strategies for terminating sales and distribution relationships
    The stage of terminating an oftentimes long-term sales relationships is particularly susceptible to crisis. Sales and distribution partners often try to provoke each other into doing something wrong in order to gain legal advantages for this for themselves (e.g. no agency compensation claim). The seminar shows what strategies are often used here and develops counter-strategies on a secure legal basis to avoid legal disadvantages.
  • Wills and testamentary contracts
    Securing the estate/disputes of the heirs
  • Patient decree and preventive power of attorney
  • Company succession
    Questions of succession from psychological, legal, economic and tax aspects
  • Sales and distribution law - optimised strategically
    Guidelines for companies that want to set up an effective sales unit or reorganise an existing one. The relevant differences and effects in the choice of the sales and distribution system will be shown in order to make the best business decision.
  • Advantageous design of sales and distribution contracts
    The seminar is aimed at companies and agencies, distributors and franchisees and explains the significance of various customary contract provisions, taking the legal requirements of form contracts into account. It shows which clauses are invalid under the law and how they can be made valid, and how to favourably design a contract via a few minor modifications, and the possible drawbacks to be expected from specific formulations.