The firm was founded in Munich in 1984. Our clientele primarily consists of small to medium-sized companies and private individuals to whom we offer comprehensive services from a single source. We provide this by gradually increasing specialisation within our core competencies, combined with a network of national and international collaborations with fellow attorneys and lawyers, but also with tax advisers and business consultants.

We are constantly striving to perfect and expand this proven dual strategy in order to reduce the number of specialists clients have to seek the services of and to represent and advise them in the best manner possible on the basis of existing relationships of trust.

With this in mind, we have also improved our IT-based claims management, enabling the client to recover outstanding debts quickly and easily.

In addition to forensic activities, the focus is on legal consultation, contract design, and putting on tailor-made seminar events.

With us you'll receive comprehensive and personal care. We seek long-term cooperation with our clients, based on a high level of mutual trust.