History 1984Founding of the firm 1986Dr. Heinicke becomes legal counsel to CHD e.V. (Centralvereinigung Deutscher Wirtschaftsverbände für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb e.V. Bayern), the leading national federation representing the interests of German commercial agents and distributors 1988Formation of the Dr. Heinicke and Eggebrecht partnership at offices located in Widenmayerstraße 36 in Munich
Start of continuous cooperation with tax advisers
Mr Eggebrecht becomes legal counsel to CDH e.V. (Centralvereinigung Deutscher Wirtschaftsverbände für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb e.V. Bayern)
1994Addition of a third lawyer and relocation to new and larger offices in Ottostraße 1 in Munich
Nation-wide claims management for major client
1998Founding of Anwaltskooperation Wirtschafts- und Vertriebsrecht, a Europe-wide network of law firms specialising in trade and commercial agency law 2001Dr. Heinicke added to the consultancy pool of Bund der Selbständigen Deutscher Gewerbeverband e.V. in Munich
Fourth lawyer joins the firm
Relocation to Karlsplatz 5 in Munich due to enlargement of the firm
2003Reinforcement in the fields of commercial, sales and distribution and tenancy law by the addition of lawyer Bernd Schleicher 2005Diversification into the area of employment, family and inheritance law by the addition of Jörg-Michael Ossenforth as partner
Acquisition of another major client in the field of IT-supported claims management for Deutsche Bahn
2006Appointment of Bernd Schleicher to partner concentrating on sales and distribution law 2007Start of cooperation with lawyer René Simonides2008Lawyer Bernd Schleicher becomes legal counsel to Institut für Versicherungskaufleute (IVK) e.V.
Awarded a further mandate for IT-based claims management for Stadtwerke München utility company
2009Lawyer Eggebrecht becomes member of the team of experts for the Arbeitskreis Vertretervereinigungen der Deutschen Assekuranz e.V. (AVV) 2011Relocation to new and larger offices in Baierbrunner Straße 23 in Munich/Obersendling 2012Addition of René Simonides as partner 2014Addition of Kai-Uwe Recker and Niklas Ulbricht 2017Addition of Tobias Eggebrecht and Sophie-Laura Wagner