Claims management

Based on years of experience in servicing large clients in claims processing (Deutsche Bahn AG: Real Estate, services area - Aurelis Asset GmbH, Stadtwerke München) in collaboration with a specialist legal software IT company we have developed an internet-based system that offers clients quick and cost-saving claims processing without the usual "red tape":

Workflow description
  • The basis for work is a password-protected website that both the client and the law firm have access to
  • The client enters all relevant data (debtor, legal form, claims, etc.) into the forms; input errors are prevented by means of required fields and page navigation fields
  • The law firm imports the updated data and sends a final warning letter with due date for payment to the debtor
  • After the deadline has passed, an electronic order to pay will be created and sent via data medium transfer method to the claims court
  • Only when execution documents are at hand or an objection has been entered, is a "manual" file created, minimising paperwork
  • The client receives a detailed monthly statement of the current legal status of his claims

The benefits

  • No high collection fees due to many requests for payment subject to charges over extended periods, that cannot even be recovered in a later process
  • Immediate processing due to automation and thus better chances by quickly obtaining an enforceable title
  • No mountains of correspondence
  • Clear presentation of situation at a glance