Fields of law

As a client you have the right to have your problem analysed in a multi-disciplinary fashion, leading to a satisfactory solution overall. The individual care you receive from your personal contact thus includes, if necessary, the assistance of our firm's specialist lawyers, either as additional contacts or by having them tend to your concerns directly. Whenever appropriate, auditors/accountants, patent attorneys and competent business consultants primarily involved in the financial services sector are also called in to work out jointly-developed, interdisciplinary and integrated solutions. We place great store in our ability to work together in a multidisciplinary manner.
For many years we have been supplementing this close internal cooperation by coordinating with prominent law firms throughout Europe in Anwaltskooperation Wirtschafts- und Vertriebsrecht.

Our fields of expertise - your benefits

Sales and
distribution law
Law related to commercial agents, insurance brokers, insurance agents, petrol station leaseholders, franchisees and authorised dealers
and trade law
General contract law, law on general terms and business conditions, international and national trade law
Corporate law
Law of business partnerships and companies, limited liability company law and stock corporation law in particular
Labour law
Labour law, contract consulting and design for employee and employer side
Family law
Divorce and maintenance law, custody law, contract consulting, for marriage contracts and compensation law in particular
Inheritance law
Law of company succession, drawing up wills, executing wills and arbitrator for inheritance disputes
Real estate law
Broker law, tenancy law, real estate and property law
Commercial property law and internet law

Unfair competition law, copyright law, trademark law


Claims collections and client consulting

Business start-ups
Choice of legal form, contract design, process for starting a business
Traffic law
Accident settlement, misdemeanours and traffic law
Insurance law
Claims, disability, life insurance, accident and health insurance
Criminal law
All-round criminal representation of commercial and insurance agents in the area of sales and distribution law